Little Free Library in Montford

Tommy and I were taking a walk around our neighborhood when we noticed this beauty newly established near the road. Lit lovin' library junkie that I am, I think this is pretty awesome.

What's this? A tiny library in a community garden two blocks from my house? And it has a book of poetry by William Carlos Williams? And a few children's books for my classroom?

Apparently, it's one of many. The international network of "Little Free Libraries" works on an honor system. Really, it's more like the take-a-penny-leave-a-penny jars. Just like you can't really "steal" a penny, the Little Free Library folks remind us on their website you can't "steal" a free book.

So you take what you like, and bring a book by when you're ready to pass it on.

Listen here for an NPR story on Little Free Libraries.